2014-2015 Fall Semester Course Codes

Course used for Timetable


Academic Writing EDU404
Advanced English Grammar I EDU101
Advanced English Grammar I AMS101
Advanced English Listening and Pronunciation I EDU107 
Advanced English Reading and Vocabulary I EDU103
Advanced English Reading I AMS103
Advanced English Speaking II  EDU201
American Business AMS405
American Culture and Multicultural Studies I AMS205
American Geography AMS108
American History I AMS305
American Landmarks I AMS207
American Media AMS406
American Novel EDU302
American Politics AMS403
American Pop Culture and PR AMS422
British Culture and Multicultural Studies EDP302
British History I EDP301
British Landmarks EDU203
Composition I EDU105
Composition I AMS105
Culture and Society of the US I AMS303
Culture of Georgian Oral and Written Communication I HUM027
Education system and school management EDT303
English Literature of the Renaissance Period EDU401
Georgian language for foreign students I HUM001
History of Georgian Civilization HUM125
Information Technology  CEN122
Instructional planning and evaluation EDT201
Introductio to Economics IER101
Introduction to American Studies AMS209
Introduction to educational psychology EDT301
Introduction to English Literature EDU304
Introduction To Translation HUM421
Leadreship Management AMS426
Literary Terms and Currents AMS201
Oral Translation II HUM438
Oral Translation II EDU303
PR and Communication Management AMS424
PR Theoretical Basics HUM004
Primary School Pedagogy EDU402
Psychology AMS308
Research and Study Skills in Linguistics and Literature EDU403
Russian Language I HUM003
Russian Language III HUM011
School Counseling EDU411
School Experience I EDT401
Simultaneous Translation HUM435
Spanish Language I HUM004
Speech Writing AMS428
Stylistics HUM423
Survey of world literature EDU408
Woman's Studies in the US AMS310
Written Translation I HUM425
Written Translation I  EDU202