Vision and Mission


Faculty of Education and Humanities – a diverse community of scholars will integrate on the one hand perspectives of promotion the broad spectrum of scholarly and professional inquiry to advance theory, pedagogy and practice in education; and on the other hand, will establish Western type unique multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary internationalized model of American Studies field, based on the exploration of history, culture and society of the United States of America, which arises interest of the countries worldwide and Georgia among them towards its main strategic partner; as well as will involve students to investigate the historical, cultural heritage and contemporary development of specific regions of Caucasus.



Our mission is manifold being committed to scholarly excellence, leading-edge pedagogy, innovative curriculum, differentiating staffing, participation in educational research and a pathfinder in Georgian teacher education;

With a vibrant American Studies field with its own theories, methods and applications, research areas and highly professional Georgian and American experts to emphasize cultural and historical inquiry of the United States, and prepare Georgian and International students to participate in the world as critical thinkers, clear communicators, and global citizens, equipped with democratic, human values; as well as increase linguistic and historical research capacities of international graduate students to better investigate regions of Caucasus.