First Annual Students’ Conference at the Faculty of Education

On April 5 2013 the First Students’ Conference at the Faculty of Education was held. 13 students made 14 presentations on various topics related to education, English literature and culture. As it was students’ conference, among jury members were not only lecturers, but also students.  The student was also lead by a student.  Four winners were selected: First Prize – junior student Nana Tsimintia, Second Prize – junior student Ani Broladze, and the Third Prize was shared by the junior student Tinatin Grdzelishvili and Guranda Khabeishvili. The conference was very successful, comparable to specialists’ conferences in the quality of English and presentation, interesting and deep contents.  Due to it, all participants were selected for taking part (if such is their wish) in the international students’ conference at Atatrurk University (Erzurum Turkey) in May this year and almost all participants (11) – to participate in the Third International Research Conferenceat the Faculty of Education. Winners’ full text presentations, while other students’ abstracts were published.