Ph.D. in American Studies


With a vibrant American Studies field with its own theories, methods and applications, research areas and highly professional Georgian and American experts the program will emphasize cultural and historical inquiry of the United States and prepare Georgian and International students to participate in the world as critical thinkers, clear communicators, and global citizens, equipped with democratic, human values.

American Studies multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary program aims to enable students to study and analyze various aspects of American society concerning multiculturalism, emigration, politics and literature; the unique specificity and interactive methods of this field enable students to establish analytical thinking and creative analysis about various contextual issues. The program aims to develop student’s thinking; speaking and writing skills which will help them to write a doctoral dissertation effectively and creatively; to develop respect toward social, ethical and moral values; communication and decision-making skills, sense of responsibility and ability of self-education;

Create all the conditions for students’ academic and career development in the following organizations: higher educational institutions, historical museums, embassies, archives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Parliament, Committee of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense (Cultural Departments), non-governmental organizations which will implement the scientifically-based innovations.

The program responds to the internalization requirements through 1) admitting doctorants from the US and Europe; 2) since 2010 appointing American Professors as opponents. 3) Since 2017 appointing American co-supervisors for doctorants; 4) American professors permanently invited to read the courses of the program: a) XX Century American Political History; b) XX Century American Literature.