MA in Turkish Philology

In the last quarter of the 20th century a wide horizon has been opened for the field of Turkish Philology. Research using new methods and approaches as well as comparative studies have been introduced to the study of Turkish Language and Turkish Literature(s). As a result of those developments, the need for skilled field experts has naturally emerged. Specific competence requirements for such type of experts are as follows: comprehensive and wide knowledge in the field of Turkish Philology, knowledge of specific terminology and language/languages, oral-written translation skills, using modern technologies while adopting new methods and approaches, Turkish Language teaching skills as a foreign language etc. The aim of the given program is to prepare experts who possess the above-mentioned competences.

The structure and the content of the program fully corresponds to the demands of accreditation system and other similar educational programs in Georgia.

The program employs skilled staff who are native Turkish speakers. Sources used within the program represent primary and up to date sources. Diplomas issued by the program are recognized by the Ministry of Education of Turkey.

Main goals of the program is to prepare field (Turkish Philology) experts who will possess theoretical and practical knowledge, be able to use modern methods in research, communicating with the same as well as other fields’ experts, conducting critical analysis and finding innovative solutions, open to new ideas and meeting the demands of the modern day academic realm.

Graduates who successfully finish our program will become skilled experts in the field off Turkish Philology. They will be able to use their knowledge and skills in various organizations and educational institutions in an effective manner. They will be ready to continue their study on the doctorate level of Turkish Philology.