MA in General Education Administration


The purpose of the General Educational Administration Graduate Program is:

  • To equip students with the knowledge about the field of general education and provide qualification for administering general education in accordance with modern requirements;
  • To equip students with relevant (pedagogical) knowledge and skills in the field of education, since the person administering the educational process should be the one having necessary knowledge in process management, as well as have the profound understanding of the teaching context, methodologies and approaches;
  • To prepare the administrator in the field of education who is familiarized with general pedagogical and psychological aspexts, as well as with the specific issues of education administration – leadership and administration of the educational field, educational policy, local and international experience of managing general education system;
  • To share international experience existing in the field of general education. Despite the fact that program is concentrated on the Georgian context, it is common in the modern environment to share/adapt educational policies and initaitives (Georgia is not an exception in this case); Therefore, analyzing of the individual contexts will ensure better understanding of the specific educational approaches. International experience will assist educational field specialists to work out timely and effective educational strategies, approaches and initiatives;
  • To inspire students to continue education on the next (Doctoral) level. For this purpose, it is necessary to create cpecific theoretical basis (pedagogical, psychological, educational administration) that is ensured through various educational courses;
  • To equip students with relevant knowledge and skills for working in the school administration, in different institutions responsible for managing and organizing general education process;
  • To develop values in the students that encourages deep interest towards research and practical work in the field of general education administration, respect towards humanistic and student oriented pedagogical principles.

Programme Admission Precondition: Students are admitted to the graduate program in accordance with Georgian legislation based on the Graduate Record Exam results (in cases stipulated by the Georgian legislation, withouth passing Graduate Record Exam).

A person holding Bacheler’s Degree or its equivalent academic decree may become the students at the Graduate Program. Besides, the potential candidate should pass internal university exam in speciality and English Language (B2 level). Even though the language of instruction on the program is Georgian, it is essential for the student to have competency in English language as the scientific literature on the specific issues of the educational management is scarce. Therefore, it is crucial for the student to get acquinted with the recent educational resources existing in Egnlish language.

A person will be exempt from passing exam in English Language if she/he has obtained Bachelor’s degree after the completion of the English language educational program or holds international certificate (TOEFL IBT, IELTS, and FCE) of B2 level in English Language.