MA in English Philology


English has long established itself as a lingua franca at international business, political and cultural arena, hence its importance has never been wasted in recent years. Quite the contrary. Knowledge of English has become a matter of survival in today’s world. Accordingly, the role of English language philologists has been granted a vital importance in the process of cultural, political and economic homogenization.

The field of English philology is quite broad and embraces the study of the English language and Anglo-American literature, culture, philosophy of language, and language teaching aspects. Thus, the profile of an English philologist definitely presupposes fostering linguistic and cultural awareness. This is in line with the mission of our university which aims at enhancing cross-cultural understanding and support communication between the nations. Undoubtedly, MA English Philology Programme will help to create international environment at the university, and thinking more globally, will contribute to nurturing responsible citizens with correct perceptions of the modern world.

The programme aims at providing students with field specific competence and enhancing their knowledge in English language and literature. The courses are designed to bring up a highly qualified English philologist with deep knowledge of English linguistics and Anglo-American literary works, and can contribute to the development of the given field according to modern academic and scholarly demands.

The programme intends to equip course participants with skills necessary for further independent research and practical employment of the acquired knowledge. Throughout the course we put special emphasis on English linguistics (its various branches), Anglo-American literary studies, pedagogy, research skills and advanced level academic English as we intend to nurture a philologist of the English language who can efficiently use knowledge and skills. Our graduates can continue their studies at the accredited Teacher Training Educational Programme offered by higher educational institutions and obtain the right to work as an English teacher. Programme graduates can work in state and non-governmental organisations which require high level of English language competence. They will also have knowledge and competence to conduct independent research in the field of English philology.

During their studies students should do a lot of independent work (programmed exercises, individual and group projects, presentations, and course projects) to form skills necessary for continuous education before they graduate. Because of this fact it is important to obtain a certain amount of theoretical (pedagogical and linguistic) knowledge that is provided in the offered courses. Values that will be formed in students will be the “sense” of language, enhanced interest in studying languages, and respect of the principles of pedagogy, democracy and humanism. To be more specific, the objectives of the programme are to ensure that students:

  • broaden their field-specific knowledge about important theories and leading researches in the English language and literature, and Anglo-American general and applied linguistics;
  • are able to put theory into practice;
  • nurture generic and field specific skills and competences and employ them in research or professional practice;
  • have keen interest in field-research and are able to conduct studies reflecting the developments in English language teaching, linguistics, and literary studies.