Bachelor’s in American Studies


American Studies Bachelor English program, opened in 2002 as as result of cooperation with the U.S. Embassy first time in Georgia at the International Black Sea University, an only English program in the country, gives chance to Georgian, as well as foreign students to acquire Western type multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education about the United States envisaging Georgian requirements. The aim of the program is to expose students to different aspects of American life from diachronic, as well as synchronic standpoint. With the need of Multidisciplinary, as well as interdisciplinary methodology – the sphere’s unique specificity – and interactive methods, the program will develop analytical skills concerning different conceptual issues, which arises interest of the whole world, and of course Georgia towards the Super Power. The program expects from Georgian and multicultural students to compare the aspects of the American Culture and their own cultures through the interdisciplinary courses: American Multicultural Studies, American Women’s Studies, American Culture and Society. The program plans to develop student’s creative skills to think, write, speak effectively and creatively; develop respectful attitude in students towards social, ethical and moral values; develop analytical thinking, decision making and communication skills, responsibility, self-education; provide students with opportunities for academic and carrier promotion in such organizations, as: embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offices of public relations, State Administrative Body, departments of culture, banks, NGO-s, Parliament, museums, Archives, etc. Besides, B.A. Degree Program in American Studies is a solid basis for further scholarly studies at M.A. and Ph.D. programs.

Concentrations of  BA in American Studies

BA American Studies Program offers students two concentrations.  The courses within each concentration starts from the sophomore year of studies and require students to accumulate 60 credits (ECTS). :

Concentration in Public Relations (PR)

Concentration in Translation

Translation. Purpose of the concentration: Translation Studies in Georgia is an extremely progressive area, which is conditioned by the fact that there is a need for georgia to establish close business, educational, cultural, trade, military and other types of relations with foreign countries, NATO, EU and similar intrenational organizations. Respectively, educational institutions face completely new challenges. This led to opening a new concentration of translation studies at the faculty of education and humanities with the view of educating translator-interpreters who will be able to freely and efficiently do written, oral, simultaneous translation in any foreign language environment. Communication connectes people, organizations, countries, stimulates and further develops relations and mutual undertsanding and this is exactly the reason why proper exchange of information between the parties is essential. The progam aims to achieve this through such courses as introduction to translation, stylistics of the English language, communicative grammar, terminology, written tranlsation, oral translation, simultaneous interpretation.

Public Relations. Purpose of the concentration: Provided that the American Rax Harlou, the founder of the public relations education, is regarded as the pioneer of thsi field, who has actually established the present-day Public Relations Society Association (PRSA) and taking into consideration the demand of the students, we considered it reasonable to design the Public Relations Concentration integrated with the American Studies Program.

The aim of the concentration of Public Relations is to get students familiarized with the distinguished function of management, which promotes formation  and retaining of communication, mutual understanding, mutual acceptance, common interests of cooperation within the organization and among the groups interested in it; management of problems and issues; it also stresses the accountability of the managing structure of the organization to serve public interest. The training course provides the student with the ability to critically assess the field of public relations in both the social and political contexts in accordance with the international practice standards. The course includes both theory input and acquisition-development of practical skills. Throughout the course, students will analyse those on-going tendencies that are characteristic to the modern public relations and discuss future trends of the development of the field. The concentration differs from other public relations concentration in that:

It is the only public relations concentration in Georgia; It is integrated with the American Studies BA program at the International Black Sea University which determines its unique nature in respect with the fact that the curriculum of the concentration contains such subjects as: History American Pop Culture, Pop Culture of  Present-Day America, Culture of American Pop Music. This is the area from where popularization of American culture started throughout the whole world.

Program admission precondition:

Student of a bachelor program can become anyone with a full secondary education, who successfully passes national exams. Enrollment of the citizens of foreign countries will be accomplished according to legislation regulation, without passing national exams.

Fourth subject

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Literature
  4. Civic Education