Vision and Mission



International Black Sea University Faculty of Education and Humanities - a diverse community of scholars−promotes a broad spectrum of scholarly and professional inquiry to advance theory, pedagogy and the practice of education. Through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary methodology provide an opportunity to investigate the heritage and contemporary development of other specific regions of the world. We look beyond precedents and categories to honor inquiry and imagination. The Faculty is committed to a culture that develops the individual and fosters social renewal. Our scope extends throughout the lifespan and celebrates human differences. A spirit of hope inspires our work.



International Black Sea University Faculty of Education and Humanities is committed to scholarly excellence, leading-edge pedagogy, innovative curriculum, and engagement with teachers, differentiated staffing and a participatory democratic culture. A global participant in educational research and a pathfinder in Georgian teacher education, the Faculty of Education is committed to ethical practice, equity, social justice and diversity. To provide students with conceptual, theoretical and historical components appropriate for three levels of educationin American Studies and expand international spirit among multicultural students through comparing their cultureswith the culture of the US.